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Our Story

After being colleagues for 30+ years Sheepdog Planning was founded by top ranked advisors Lance Drucker, Gideon Drucker and Hunter Gimbel. 

Sheepdog provides a sophisticated financial plans tailored to fit the unique needs of our affluent clients.

Why Sheepdog Planning? 

Sheepdogs protect and lead. They take control of a situation rather than sit back and letting the situation happen to them. 

Our team works with clients to help them take control of their financial future and be intentional in reaching their goals, rather than passively planning and hoping for the best. 

Individuals default into passivity unless they make the choice to become proactive protectors. Our firm was designed to help you become the proactive protector of your financial future.

Our team will guide you on the most direct and intentional path to your financial future through our Financial Life Plan™ process.