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We Are A Planning First Firm

Wondering What It Means To Be A Planning First Firm?

We know that as a high earning young professional with a lot going on financial planning can feel overwhelming, taxing and downright difficult to think about! 

To operate at a true-fiduciary level, we designed a process that is 100% free from the conflicts of interest you might experience with other advisors who are only interested in managing your money (and as soon as possible!). 

That’s why we use a planning first approach and have developed our Financial Life Plan™ to help you determine where you are now, where you want to be and how to get there. Once you've completed your FLP you are under no obligation to work with our firm.

Here are the core planning areas that make up our Financial Life Plan™

Cash Flow AnalysisBudgeting icon

  • Budget Breakdown
  • Current Saving Projections
  • Implementable Saving Strategies

Goal Based Financial Planning AnalysisTarget icon representing hitting goals

  • Defining your Goals-Time horizons
  • Assessing your Goals- Future Costs
  • Analyzing your Goals: Probabilities for Success

Tax Management Planning

Now Soon and Later Bucket icons

  • Roth Conversion Bracket Bumping
  • Stock Options Analysis & Planning
  • Maximizing your Tax Bracket
  • Lifetime Tax Mitigation Strategies


Protection Planning AnalysisInsurance application icon

  • Life Insurance Audit/Needs Analysis
  • Disability Audit/ Needs Analysis
  • Long Term Care Risk Mitigation
  • Implementable Insurance Planning Strategies

Personal Risk # & Portfolio AnalysisPortfolio risk number icon

  • Volatility Tolerance
  • Investment Audit
  • 401(k) and Retirement Plan Allocation Analysis
  • Implementable Investment Strategies

Retirement Readiness Road mapRetirement date on calendar icon

  • Personalized, Customized Bucket Plan
  • Personal Client Web Portal
  • The Family Estate Vault
  • Annual Update to Financial Modeling Report


What Is Our Service Model?

Brutal Honesty & Radical Transparency is our tagline (c’mon, it’s on the first page). 

We want our fees to be clear to you right away. Here they are:

$5,000-$7,000 One Time Planning Fee

(Price dependent on complexity of work required)

A breakdown of how we get paid if you choose to hire us as your investment advisor at the plan’s conclusion can be found here

Why Are We A "Planning First" Firm?

Generally I won’t suggest investment options without performing a financial analysis. I mean, I’m just not good enough to provide credible advice without seeing the entire financial picture and understanding the overlapping and sometimes competing client goals. So I educate first, then I plan, and then if we come to an agreement, I will advise and provide investment services. -Lance Drucker, CLU ChFC

Ready to take the first step toward planning for your financial future?

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Learn more about the Drucker Wealth Financial Life Plan™: